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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the classes online only?
    The photography classes are conducted live, online. We use Ring Central app and Google Meet. If you live or can come to Abu Dhabi, I would be more than happy to meet you in person, so we can go out and do actual photo shoots for your lessons.
  • Can I use my old camera or need to buy a new one first? Do you prefer a specific brand?
    I discourage you for now from buying a new one if you have an old one. That is usually enough for training purposes. If you do not have a camera yet, please watch this video, before getting one. Or contact me so I can give you some tips in getting the ideal gear for you. As for the brand, I do not care which brand you use, because the things you will learn are all applicable to any brand of camera.
  • Do you offer group classes too?
    My photography classes are in an individual or one-on-one arrangement. But I can be contacted directly for private group and corporate trainings. You may reach me by clicking HERE.
  • Do you have other photography programs to offer for more advanced students?
    Yes I do. But these are advanced courses: Lighting for product photography Lighting for food photography I recommend that you subscribe to our mailing list so you can get notified. Or email us at
  • Why enroll in my program when you can learn in YouTube for free?
    You can always go to YouTube and get to learn free. However, in my program, you get to know what you need to know in proper steps that you can easily follow, to help you start taking better photos as soon as you start my program. You don't waste your time browsing through endless youtube videos, and sorting out the lessons in the right order on your own.
  • How do you conduct the class?
    First, all classes are on an individual and private basis. Second, each session is primarily done online live. However, if you are residing in or can come to Abu Dhabi, we can meet for your on field photo shoot practice. Third, each session, we focus on one or a few major topics. And then you will be given a photography assignment based on what we discussed. The assignment must then be submitted to me before your next session, because each new topic is based on the previous topic, and therefore you must be able to master it before we proceed to the next lesson. Fourth, if you live in Abu Dhabi, or can come to Abu Dhabi, I can make a special arrangement that we go out, coach you in the field as you take pictures.
  • How do I schedule my meetings if I am to enroll?
    You can schedule your class meetings by Through the booking page and select the first meeting day and time (this is only for the first meeting while the booking is being done) Directly with me, during or after each session Email us Send us a Whatsapp message at +971521712851
  • How do I pay for my class?
    You can pay online through a secure payment gateway. You have choice between: Stripe (credit card) PayPal If you are residing in the UAE, you can also pay by bank deposit. Let us know if you prefer this option.
  • How long is each class or meeting?
    The PerfectClick has eight meetings in all; with each meeting running at around an hour long, depending on the topic and the student. The same goes for The PerfectFrame.
  • Do you give out diplomas?
    No, we don't. Ours is a hobby class and not an "academic" or college course.
  • Can I cancel and reset a meeting if something urgent comes up in my schedule?
    Of course you may. My program scheduling is flexible, because I know, most of my students are busy people. My only request is that you notify me at least an hour before your scheduled session, so I will not be waiting in vain.
  • What is the difference between The Perfect Click and The Perfect Frame
    The programs The PerfectClick and The PerfectFrame are both designed for beginners. The difference lies in the focus or emphasis of the programs. The PerfectClick focuses more on the technical aspect of picture taking such as focusing, colours, exposure and the likes, to capture a technically perfect output straight from the camera. The PerfectFrame focuses on the content of the photograph. How do you make your shot more eye catching, reflect your style and deliver the message or story you wish to convey in your photos. This includes composition techniques and photographic design.
  • Is the program fee charged per meeting or per course?
    The program fee is on a per course per student. That means, the entire US$190 or AED795 is for all the meetings you will attend. Nice deal, huh?
If you have a question that was not answered in our FAQs above, just send us a message. Send here >
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