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Use your DSLR or mirrorless camera confidently in just eight online or in person* sessions

US$ 245
(AED 900)

* In-person lessons only available if you are in, or can come to Abu Dhabi

YouTube tutorials don't seem to work for you?

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Still getting blurry, dark or too bright shots?

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You are not getting the result that you want in your shots?

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Tired of being limited to using the camera in Full Auto mode?

You will master your camera so you can capture precious memories beautifully

Our photography course is not just "manual" shooting. You get to learn the relevant settings correctly and smartly. So you can capture technically perfect images, straight from the camera.
Know what settings to use on any subject or situation.
Capture the right colours perfectly, or add mood to your photos to give it a greater impact
Learn how to focus your lens correctly to emphasise your subject or focal point effectively
Perfect how to freeze movement to capture the drama
Master how to make everything clear and sharp to bring out the best in your landscape and group shots
Make your subject the sharpest and everything else blurry for stronger emphasis
Shoot smarter and faster with the camera's creative modes to capture any moment surely
CRW_1848 1.png
Learn how to make moving objects blur in the picture for a more creative effect
Discover the not-so-popularly used settings so you don't have to edit much
Editing an Image
Learn how to prepare your photos for print,  web, and social media posts

How to start mastering your camera


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Select your first day & time

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Enjoy The Sessions

Let's work on your photography and start taking amazing photos


Jay’s instruction method is so passionate and engaging without being intimidating at all. It is really presented in an approachable way that makes it easy to understand for both novice and experienced photographers.

Michael Ray, USA

Work from Home

Your 1-on-1 tutorial program includes

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Eight private classes with Jay A (with option to have a face to face session if you are based in or can come to Abu Dhabi)

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Approximately 60 minutes per meeting only to focus on key lessons for the day

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Get coaching and feedback on your work and progress

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Downloadable PDF lessons reference

Your lifetime skill investment



US$ 245
(AED 900)

One Registration

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