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Capture stunning, Instagrammable photos without relying on filters or editing to make it more likable

US$ 245 (AED 900)

Do you feel your photos are not getting enough attention?

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Are your camera settings producing properly exposed images yet no one seems to give it a like?

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Why is it others get more amazing results even with cheaper equipment than what you have?

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You know it's a very interesting subject but when you took a shot, it just turned out to be ordinary.

Awe-inspiring photography without filters or editing

Know what to include, exclude and how to arrange things you see in your viewfinder. So you can capture powerful and engaging images without relying on filter or post processing.
Discover the key to capturing images that win the interest of your audience and get you more followers
Learn how to arrange your subject and other objects in the frame for the greatest impact
Transform everyday life and objects into extraordinary scenes using design elements and techniques
Know how to make your subject or focal point pop out to make your photo more interesting
Know where to position your subject in the frame for maximum photo impact
Easily identify what to include and exclude, to make your photo more eye-catching
Learn how to give your shots a unique perspective to set it apart and increase the value of your artwork
Develop your photography style and differentiate yourself from other photographers

How to start taking more stunning pictures


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Let's work on your photography and start taking amazing photos


I was confident enough to go out to the streets and enjoy my photography. I could produce a beautiful picture that won praises from my friends and even professionals across the globe on Instagram, Facebook; and it even went up to be shortlisted on a photo competition in Japan.

Lawrence Koh, Singapore

Your 1-on-1 coaching program includes

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Eight private classes with Jay A (with option to have a face to face session if you are based in Abu Dhabi)

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45-60 minutes per meeting only to focus on key lessons for the day

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Get coaching and feedback on your work and progress

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Downloadable PDF lessons reference


Your lifetime skill investment



US$ 245
(AED 900)

One Registration

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