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Female photographer choosing syncing photos from camera to PC

Take Better Pictures In Just Eight Sessions

One-on-one photography coaching program for busy beginners

Individual coaching
Flexible class scheduling
Learn at your own pace
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Don't know what camera settings to use?
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YouTube tutorials make you even more confused?
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Can't attend scheduled classes because of your busy schedule?

Watch Your First Lesson Today

Intro Lesson: Choosing Your First Digital Camera

Immediately Improve Your Photos After Each Session

Perfect captures

Stop guessing the settings and shoot any person, thing, place or moment confidently

Lessen editing

Stop wasting time correcting badly taken pictures in the computer

Proud creator

Capture the kind of photos that express your artistry

They Got Us Featured


How To Join Our Program


Choose your course

Select your program and click the 'Book Now' button.


Select your start date

Choose your first date and time (succeeding class meetings can be set later)


Enjoy the results

Start taking better pictures by applying the lessons learned after each session

Select Your Program

Programs Available

What's great about Jay's highly interactive workshops is that he takes things step by step, and makes sure you've got to grips with a certain technique or setting before moving on. The classes were really enjoyable too, and I'm looking forward to more.

Melissa Van Maasdyk, South Africa

Best For Serious Beginners Like You


For a relaxed, uninterrupted sessions and undivided focus on you


To emphasize key points for a more effective learning experience

Your own pace

I won't rush you, instead make sure you get it right before we proceed to the next lesson

Flexible scheduling

Flexible schedules to fit your busy life, so you won't miss a lesson

Step by step

Lessons organized into modules, so you won't feel overwhelmed 

Results oriented

Acquire key photo skills correctly quickly, to get you up and shooting in no time

You can take amazing photos too like a pro

Isn't it frustrating when you cannot get the shots that you want? You even probably wonder if you are wasting time and money on this hobby.

I'm Jay Alonzo and I doubted myself too when I was starting in photography. That's why I made a program that you can follow when using your camera. So you can confidently take pictures that you can be truly proud of.

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