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Get dramatic improvements in your photos with simplified lessons you can immediately apply.

Individual live coaching
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Not confident enough to show your photos to friends and in social media?
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YouTube and other online video tutorials make you even more confused?
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Couldn't find time to attend on-site photography classes and workshops?
Photography is meant to be enjoyed, not a frustration. That is why you picked up a camera for a hobby in the first place.

See dramatic improvement after each lesson

Perfect captures

Stop guessing the settings and shoot any person, thing, place or moment confidently

Lessen editing

Stop wasting time correcting badly taken pictures in the computer

Proud creator

You'll always be excited to share your work to your friends and online

You can take great photos now

Isn't it frustrating when you cannot get the shots that you want? You even probably wonder if you are wasting time and money on this hobby?

I'm Jay Alonzo and I doubted myself too when I was starting. That's why I made a course that will help you immediately improve your photography. So you can take pictures that you can be truly proud of.

How to start taking amazing images


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 The Perfect Click 

A step-by-step course to master your camera so you can confidently capture beautiful, dramatic moments and  produce the effect that you want.

US$ 190.00

(AED 695.00)



The Perfect Frame

Visualize and compose photographs that express your artistry and capture the hearts and minds of your friends and followers

US$ 190.00

(AED 695.00)


Our program is the best fit for serious beginners like you


For a relaxed, uninterrupted sessions and undivided focus on you


To emphasize key points for a more effective learning experience

Your own pace

I won't rush you, instead make sure you get it right before we proceed to the next lesson

Step by step

Lessons organized into modules, so you won't feel overwhelmed 

Results oriented

Acquire key photo skills correctly quickly, to get you up and shooting in no time

Fit to your lifestyle

Flexible schedules to fit your busy life, so you won't miss a lesson


What's great about Jay's highly interactive workshops is that he takes things step by step, and makes sure you've got to grips with a certain technique or setting before moving on. The classes were really enjoyable too, and I'm looking forward to more.

Melissa Van Maasdyk, South Africa

They got us featured


Grow as a photographer faster

Individual Zoom sessions

Your one-on-one online lesson will be conducted via Zoom, for privacy, convenience and safety

Results oriented sessions

Each session is only 30 to 45 minutes short, to focus on a specific skill set or lesson objectives, for maximum retention

Progress check

Tasks or shooting assignments will be given and evaluated to monitor your development in your craft more effectively

Guaranteed learning

We won't proceed to the next lesson until you master the last one, to make sure you'll be doing everything right

Designed for busy people

Schedule your sessions at a pace you are comfortable with, thou I recommend a once or twice weekly for best results

Lessons tailored to your growth progress


I know mastering the camera on your own can be a long and sometimes frustrating process. And that's where I come in.

No classmates. No group sessions. Just one-on-one lessons adapted to your interest, learning pace and style.

My programs are backed by my 25 years of full time pro photographer experience and teaching. That means you get to learn the essential stuff correctly. So you can consistently capture awesome pictures confidently, and amaze your family and friends.


Get instant feedback on your assignments and development


Feel confident about your settings and shooting style


You'll know exactly how to take the shot that you want

Bite-size Tutorials

Squeeze The Button!

Minimize blur caused by camera shake at slow shutter speeds, or accidentally tilted horizon in your handheld landscape shots, by "pressing" the shutter button carefully and properly.