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Imagine Having Your Own Photo Coach

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Capture those priceless moments perfectly with your camera
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Stop wasting time sifting through all the unorganized video tutorials online
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Don't get discouraged and feeling guilty wasting money on a pricey camera

I enjoyed being able to immediately go out and try the lesson Jay just taught, and having our pictures critiqued immediately! Jay's classes began this photo journey in my life and I'm so glad I started it there in Abu Dhabi!

Rita Eva Spiers, USA


Once, I was also a beginner like you

It was early 90s. My photos were disappointing. I tried to learn on my own. But my progress was so painfully slow. I was not even sure if I was doing it right.

Almost about to quit, I took a distance learning program (this was decades before YouTube and Zoom). That was when my photography improved rapidly. Finally, there was someone to point me in the right direction. That's how I succeeded and eventually became a full time photographer.

25 years teaching experience



27 years of turning beginners to photographers

You deserve to know better

27 years ago, I began to teach photography. In 2011, I shifted to Abu Dhabi and opened my studio. Photography workshops then were either expensive inspirational talks or cheap but lacking in substance.


So, aside from serving the photography needs of entrepreneurs and businesses in UAE, I decided to offer classes as well.  People who want to get into photography should not suffer the same slow progress I had when I started.

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